Here at The Lucky 7 Tattoo Co. LTD we offer a wide range of piercing, from standard ear lobe to nipples and navels.

We only pierce with high grade surgical steel, we do not offer any fancy dangly bits as these can get caught on clothing and irritate the piercing. Once the piercing is fully healed we will be happy to change the jewellery for you.


All piercings carried out with a piercing gun are charged at £20.
This is for either 2 piercings or 1 and a spare stud.


All other piercings with the use of a needle are £25 each.


We do not carry out Surface Piercings, Tongue Piercings or Gentile Piercings.


Healing Times


Ear lobe               4 - 8 weeks

Rest of ear           2 - 5 months

Nose                   2 - 4 months

Septum               3 - 5 months

Eyebrow              2 - 4 months

Labret                 2 - 4 months

Madonna             2 - 5 months

Nipple                 2 - 5 months

Navel                  3 months +

Opening Times


Monday - 12pm-8pm

Tuesday - 12pm-8pm

Wednesday - 12pm-8pm

Thursday - 10am-6pm

Friday - 10am-6pm

Saturday - 10am-6pm

Sunday - 11am-6pm

We are located at:

The Lucky 7 Tattoo Co. LTD

277 London Road



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