About us

The Lucky 7 Tattoo Co. is a family owned, family run business with a friendly atmosphere that welcomes anybody wanting a serious tattoo. With our tattoo artists  having a combined 37+ years of tattooing experience between them we feel there is no one better to help you get your ideas onto your skin.


The team are a group who are in the industry because they love the art of tattooing and all things that surround it. What they really like is for the customer to give them the basic idea of what they are after and then put their trust into their vision. They may get a bit carried away with the art work but the final outcome will always blow you away.


Styles carried out at the shop range from;

• Portraits

• Black n Grey

• Japanese

• Full Colour

• Old School

• New School

• Traditional 

• Tribal

• Custom Lettering and script 

• Cover Ups

  • Dotwork
  • Coppeplate/etching
  • Freehand



We are here to turn your idea into a tattoo. Bring us as much reference as you can, we will sit down with you and help you plot out your piece. We understand that a tattoo is a big step for some people and we want to make sure that your experience is as pleasurable as possible. The ethos of our shop is we are only as good as our next tattoo, our work sells itself and we let our clients do our advertising for us…..




George Langley

Dan Wells

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